Windscape Kite Festival

June 22 & 23, 2019 · 10am to 5pm · Swift Current, SK

Experience the thrill of flying in the wide-open Saskatchewan skies with some of the world’s best kite artists and performers.

Bill Brosius

Bill has been flying single line kites all his life. Started out with Eddy type kites that his dad taught him how to make using small branches from bushes, newspaper and flower and water paste. They used to fly them with tails made from old clothes torn into strips and tied together. Bill got into dual line sport kites in 1990 and has progressed from there.

In 2002 he was at the Long Beach festival and saw Ray Bethell flying three kites at once and when he did the “refueling” trick, Bill told his wife he wanted to learn how to fly multiple  kites like that. It wasn’t till after Bill retired that he had the time to start flying two at once, which took over two years to figure out since there was no one to teach him what he needed in the way of kites or handles etc. During the 3rd year of flying two kites, he started flying three and now has been at it for a total of 7 years.

Bill has performed at several local festivals including Long Beach last year. When ever someone comes up to him to talk about his flying, he encourages them to try flying one kite single handed, and has encouraged a couple of good flyers to try flying two. Flying three is a real mind trainer since the waist and hands don’t talk to each other, and one has to train the mind to do that.

Bill doesn’t do competition flying but does competitive sailing. He hasn’t made any kites but settled on using The Prism Quantum Pro kites. Generally he uses the SUL with wing tip streamers and line brakes up to about 12mph winds and then switches over to the vented kites, which with streamers and line brakes, allows him to fly in winds up to 20+ MPH.

Bill uses any excuse to go to the beach at Ocean Shores where he practices with both dual line and quad line kites and will often put up several single line kites just for fun. He loves to teach people how to fly and has done so in several countries where he and his wife have gone on vacation.


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