Windscape Kite Festival

June 24 & 25, 2023 · 10am to 5pm · Swift Current, SK

We are ready to bring the SaskPower Windscape Kite Festival and Long Day's Night Music Festival back in 2023 and look forward to sharing the prairie skies again with all of you June 24 & 25, 2023.

Bill Brosius

Bill has been flying single line kites all his life. He started out with Eddy type kites that his dad taught him how to make using small branches from bushes, newspaper and flower and water paste. Bill got into dual line sport kites in 1990 and has progressed from there. After seeing Ray Bethell at a festival in 2002, Bill became determined to master the craft of flying 3 kites at once.  He is now one of the best!


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