Windscape Kite Festival

June 22 & 23, 2024 · 10am to 5pm · Swift Current, SK

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Clara Kuhn and Sebastian Juttemeier

Clara Kuhn (28) from Birmingham, England and Sebastian Jüttemeier (26) from Norderney, a small island off the North coast of Germany have been making and flying kites together since 2010. They now live in Lemgo, Germany and continue to pursue their passion for kites. The team have an impressive collection of inflatable kites and banners for international displays, and are invited to fly their kites at many festivals throughout Europe.

Among their extensive collection of inflatable kites is a 30m Octopus, a 25m Gecko, four 6m Starfish, several fish and one of their newest projects, a 12m turtle. The oversize crabs were part of a workshop, and is one of a limited number made by German kite flyers in Cuxhaven.

The newest acquisition for the kite-flying pair is a 52m long wind Turbine. It is one of the biggest in Europe.

Team kiter-on-tour also have a large collection of French designed Eolia banners in a variety of colours. They make a very attractive background feature.

Sebastian and Clara like to share their enjoyment of kite flying and therefore can always be found flying something, regardless of wind or weather conditions. As a team they have developed a new “Top Kite”, which is designed to fly high on the lifter line and create more lift for the inflatable figures below. They are proud to be some of the youngest kite makers and flyers with such an impressive collection of kites and banners.

See you somewhere in the sky!


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