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Dave Butler
Dave Butler Samurai 1

Dave Butler

The Painted Kites of Dave and Diane Butler

Dave and his late wife Diane made their kites together. Their combined efforts of painting and construction have produced unique art kites. They worked on compositions together, then Diane painted designs on fabric, such as silk, cotton, and uncoated rip-stop. Dave is the kite maker and primary kite flyer. His creative sparing keeps the painted fabrics from stretching when he flies the kites. They felt that their kites are a combination of all they have learned from their kite making friends around the world.  

Dave and Diane have won many awards, and in 2011 they were honored with the AKA’s “Lee Toy Award” for kite art.

Dave has also developed his own style of Celtic-inspired knot-work designs that he executes with paper and ink and bamboo. These original designs define his unique miniature kites. Dave won the Grand Master award at the 2009 AKA Miniature Kite Challenge.

He now works on his Celtic knotworks in larger kites.


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