Dick and Georgean Curran

Dick Curran made kites in grade school in Michigan, then after 47 years of schooling, military service, a job, and marriage, Dick and his wife Georgean decided to attend the kite festival in Long Beach, WA, in 1991.  To participate at a festival, you need a kite, so the couple designed and built their first original kite. Since then, they have designed a number of original kites, both sewn and made with adhesives. Dick and Georgean are primarily single line flyers, but Dick has flown his box kite with quad lines. They have taught at the Ft. Worden Kitemakers conference, and have won numerous ribbons and People’s Choice awards at different festivals.

Georgean’s biggest thrill is watching the kite go up for the first time after making it, and Dick’s is making something fly that isn’t the same old kite everyone else makes.

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