Windscape Kite Festival

June 22 & 23, 2024 · 10am to 5pm · Swift Current, SK

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Children’s Activities

Kid's Activities
Kid's Activities

The children’s tent features activities that appeal to kids of all ages; there is much to do outside as well, from hilarious bol races to a treasure-filled sand pile. The Windscape Kite Festival offers a variety of free activities to encourage everyone to join in the fun. At the gate, families can pick up a Windscape Program which will provide a schedule, a map of the grounds, and plenty of useful information.

Free activities for children include:

  • Candy Catapult: Kids flock to the middle of the field to collect candy that will be released from a catapult at scheduled periods throughout the day.
  • Stunt Kite Flying Lessons: For those who have a stunt kite and aren’t quite sure how to fly it, lessons will be given on-site. The lessons are not only available to kids — adults who would like to try their hand at stunt-kiting are also welcome. Stunt kites are available for purchase at Windscape as well.
  • Straw Bale Maze: A straw bale maze offers opportunities for kids to play, explore, and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Scavenger Hunt:  Pick up a bag and list from the Welcome Booth and hunt down all sorts of stuff to win a great prize.
  • Obstacle Course: run, crawl, hop, and weave your way through the obstacle course to get a prize. All attempts win!
  • Plinko: Just like the popular game show! Drop the ball to win a prize. Winner every time!

For a small fee, kids can access many different activity stations. Windscape Bucks are sold at the Children’s Activities Area for $2 each. These tokens can be used at the following activities:

  • Bubble Station: Kids are welcome to come and play at the bubble station and enjoy bubbles of all shapes and sizes. 1 WKF Buck
  • Mystery Sandpile: Fully stocked with prizes for kids to find, the Mystery Sandpile is open all weekend long. Kids can dig in the pile until they find a prize. 1 WKF Buck = 2 prizes
  • ‘Running with the Bols’: This hilarious event has kids strap parachute-like kites on their backs and race against the wind. Races occur throughout the day. 1 WKF Buck
  • Splatter Mural: Test your aim and create an explosion of colour with paint filled water guns! 1 WKF Buck
  • Kite Ring Craft: Get crafty and make a kite ring so you can fly wherever you go! 1 WKF Buck
  • Kite Making Workshop: Kids can create their very own colorful and easy-to-fly kites. There are decorating supplies provided to add a personal touch to your kite. This activity will be available all weekend. 3 WKF bucks
  • Circus Tent: Learn to juggle, spin plates, and balance beautiful peacock feathers with expert resident jugglers. 2 WKF Bucks
  • Button Making: colour and assemble your own pinback button with limited edition designs for each festival year. 1 WKF Buck
  • Face painting: Get your face painted to roar like a lion or swim like a fish! 3 WKF Bucks

With a variety of activities to please kids of any age, Windscape offers a great weekend of family fun.

Kid's Activities
Kid's Activities
Kid's Activities
Kid's Activities
Kid's Activities


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