Windscape Kite Festival

June 22 & 23, 2024 · 10am to 5pm · Swift Current, SK

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Step 1: Where Volunteers are Needed

All volunteers are requested to join training the Wednesday evening before the festival. We have inside and outside jobs, including sitting jobs, working with the public, working with youth, and working behind the scenes. Unfamiliar with any task? Don’t worry, we’ll train you on everything!


Note – Volunteers 18 years or older are requested to have Safe Places Training OR Police Record Checks (PRC). All new volunteers can complete criminal record and vulnerable sector background checks their first year and then once every three years thereafter.

Button Making

Help kids build a button to wear.  This activity takes place in the Children’s Tent.

Children’s Area Floater

This position is for someone who likes variety and who is willing to work at any of the children’s activities – indoors or outdoors.  Floaters pitch in at busy times and fill in during volunteer breaks.

Face Painting

Face Painting is our most popular children’s activity. We welcome all experienced face painters.  It’s a busy job but so rewarding.  If you are interested in face painting but don’t have much experience or want to ‘brush up’ your skills, we will give you some instruction.

Circus Tent

Spend a morning or afternoon spinning plates, balancing feathers or spinning and tossing a diabolo. If you have experience in this area, please join us!  If you don’t have experience but are willing to learn, sign up!  We offer on-the-job training.

Obstacle Course

Supervise while kids run, crawl, hop, and weave their way through the obstacle course to get a prize. All attempts win!

Bale Maze

Here you will supervise the bale maze zone and generally make sure the kids are playing safely and not destroying the maze structure.  Job perks…a great view of the kite-filled sky and lots of opportunity to interact with festival-goers.

Bol Racing

This hilarious event has kids strap parachute-like kites on their backs and race against the wind.  Your job is to determine the direction of the wind, organize kids to race, declare winners, distribute prizes and untangle kite strings.  Easy peasy and fun!  This is the perfect job for someone who is outgoing and enjoys a good laugh.  Obviously, we’re racing in the great outdoors!

Bubble Station

Do you still enjoy the wonder of bubbles?  Then this is the job for you! Supervise the bubble station, dish out the bubble juice and play with cool bubble toys.

Kite Workshop Assistant

Are you a little crafty or like building?  Do you enjoy helping others create?  Kite making is one of our busiest activities and we need lots of volunteers to help kids in this workshop.  It’s not complicated but if you are new to kite making, you should attend the volunteer training so that you can practice making a kite on your own prior to your shift start.  Bonus – you’ll now have your own kite to fly!

Mystery Sandpile

Supervisors are needed to monitor treasure seekers at the Mystery Sandpile.  A friendly, fun-loving yet firm supervisor is needed to maintain order.  This is an outdoor job with a view of the kites and the opportunity to sit at times.

Splatter Mural

Each year our festival begins with a giant blank canvas and ends with a colourful masterpiece.  Your job is to supervise and guide children to test their aim and create an explosion of colour with paint filled water guns.  Art making is often a messy process so expect to get a little, well, splattered!  (Don’t worry, the paint is washable.)

Kite Ring Craft

Help kids get crafty and make their own kite ring so they can fly anywhere they go!


Just like the popular game show! Help participants drop the ball to win a prize. Winner every time!


Note – Volunteers 18 years or older are requested to have Police Record Checks (PRC). All new volunteers can complete criminal record and vulnerable sector background checks their first year and then once every three years thereafter.

Concession Sales

If you have strong customer service skills and cash-handling experience, this may be the job for you.  Popcorn making training will be provided.

Merchandise Sales

We are looking for detail-oriented people with great customer service skills and cash handling experience to sell kites and other festival merchandise.  Some knowledge of kites is helpful but training will be provided.

50/50 Ticket Sales

Our 50/50 Crew members must have a commitment to fundraising for the festival. We’re looking for people with an outgoing personality and cash-handling experience. If you’re friendly, persuasive and don’t mind approaching others, consider joining this great crew.

WKF Buck Sales

Windscape Kite Festival (WKF) Bucks are the tokens festival attendees must purchase to participate in most festival activities.  If you have great customer service skills, cash-handling experience, and enjoy interacting with the public – this could be the job for you! This is job requires sitting most of the time.

Ice Cream Bike Rider

Have you always wanted to be an ice cream seller? How about riding a bike around while ringing a bell? We are looking for 1 person per shift to ride the ice cream bike selling ice cream products to attendees. These individuals will have high energy, a positive attitude and will spend their shift selling ice cream from the cart attached to the bike. If this sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon….This is the job for you!


Field Marshall

Field Marshalls are festival information and safety ambassadors out among the crowd.  Good customer service skills along with a friendly yet assertive manner (e.g. “Yo, dude!  You can’t walk there, you’ll get clothes-lined by a kite string!”) are important.  This job requires walking/standing for the entire shift.

Parking Attendant

Our parking crew turns a big empty field into a well organized and efficient parking lot.  We are looking for people who can be assertive and friendly at the same time.  These volunteers must have the ability to stand for four hours at a time.

Parking Entry Greeter

The Parking Greeters are our festival welcoming committee.  They offer a friendly hello as vehicles enter the parking lot, collect a few stats, handout festival information, and direct traffic.  They are the first faces our guests see when arriving and the last they see when leaving.  This is a great crew for sociable folks who can handle the hustle and bustle of rush times and act as ambassadors of the festival.  These volunteers must have the ability to stand for four hours at a time.

Shuttle Driver

Our shuttle service from the parking lot to the main festival site is a highly valued service for our guests with mobility challenges or families with young children (for some kids, the ride is a festival highlight!).  We are looking for volunteers with experience driving a tractor and pulling a trailer.  You must be safety minded and focused on great customer service.  A valid driver’s license is required.

Welcome Booth

Friendly and outgoing volunteers are needed to staff our Welcome Booth – the information hub of the festival.  Welcome Booth volunteers provide information about the festival and our community, distribute materials, answer questions, collect surveys and manage lost and found items.


Kite Flying Instructor

Experienced kite flyers are needed to provide instruction on the public flying field.  Many of our festival guests have little or no kite flying experience.  A few tips and a helping hand will soon have them soaring through the sky with big smiles on their faces!  If you feel your skills need a little brushing up before you could instruct others, we’d be happy to offer you some instruction.

Kite Flyer Assistant and Field Floater

Each year our Celebrity Kite Flyers rave about the great service they get from our kite flyer assistants!  These energetic and helpful volunteers do a little of everything around the Celebrity Flyers lounge, flying field and kite hospital.  On any given shift you could be unloading kites, restocking ice, hammering down kite anchors, or assisting in kite surgery.  This job is best suited for volunteers able to be on their feet for four hours and assist with some heavy lifting.


Happiness Host/Hostess

We are looking for 2 people to spread joy among the attendees at the Windscape Kite Festival. These individuals will have high energy, a positive, sunny attitude and will spend their shift handing out prizes to as many attendees as possible. If this sounds like a fun way to spend a morning, afternoon, or entire day….This is the job for you!

Green Team

If you have a passion for the environment, this may be the opportunity for you. Our Green Team promotes environmental awareness and ensures the festival site remains clean. Main duties include collecting all garbage and recyclable materials on site and educating patrons at our waste stations about what should be thrown where. They also de-litter the site and make sure there is enough toilet paper and hand sanitizer in the biffies. This is a great opportunity to make a difference at the festival. We look for volunteers with a ‘green attitude’ who don’t mind getting a little dirty, have the physical endurance to work this team, and like engaging with the public.


Every event known to man-kind needs someone to “go-for” things.  A car (and license to drive it!) and a cell phone are needed for this job.  Keep track of your errand mileage and we will reimburse you.  If you’re not busy running errands off site, you may be running errands on site so don’t forgot to wear your “runners”!

Set-up Crew

Do you enjoy being part of the build-up towards an event?  Join our set-up crew and help with erecting tents, setting up banners, installing signs, setting up tables, and the list goes on!  It’s physical and messy work but you’ll be part of a fantastic, fun-loving crew.  If you put in 8 or more set-up hours, you’ll receive a complimentary pass to the Thursday evening Long Day’s Night concert.

Volunteer Check-in/Lounge

The Volunteer Lounge/Check-in is a behind-the-scenes patio area and information hub for staff and volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to help check-in crews for each shift, answer questions, supervise the lounge and monitor the food and drink area.

Volunteer Support

Enthusiastic volunteers that enjoy variety and lots of walking are needed to provide relief and generally look after the well being of the festival volunteer crew.  You’ll start your shift helping with check-in and then you’ll be off and running!  Checking on volunteers, helping out in hot spots or filling in while someone takes a comfort break.  This job is well suited for someone who is friendly, likes to be active and is willing to try anything!


Note – All LDN Music Festival volunteers must be 19 years or older and require a criminal record background check. New volunteers are asked to complete an immediate background check and then once every three years thereafter. Priority for LDN volunteer positions is given to volunteers working at least one Windscape Kite Festival shift.

LDN Band Merchandise Sales

We are looking for people with cash-handling experience and great customer service.  You will be a representative of the festival, selling merchandise for the band of the night.  Careful record of sales will need to be kept.  This job is a good fit for those that like to stay until the band goes home!

LDN Door Staff

Volunteers working at the door must be friendly, attentive to detail and have experience handling cash.  Duties include collecting and/or selling tickets, managing designated driver tokens and wristbands, and providing information.

LDN Food Service

If you are friendly, responsible, like to keep things neat and tidy, can stand for long periods of time, and have cash-handling experience, you’d be a great match for this job.

LDN Liquor Ticket Sales

If you are friendly, responsible, like a sit-down job, and have cash-handling experience, you’d be a great match for this job.

LDN 50/50 Sales

Our 50/50 Crew members must have a commitment to fundraising for the festival. We look for people with an outgoing personality and cash-handling experience when recruiting for this crew. If you’re friendly, somewhat persuasive and don’t mind being on your feet, consider joining this great crew.

LDN Table Bus Staff

Cleaning is always way more fun when you do it with others while grooving to great music!  Enthusiastic volunteers are needed to keep our concert venue and grounds neat and tidy.


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