Jean Lamoureux & Michèle Bérubé

Jean Lamoureux and Michèle BérubéJean and Michèle first visited Windscape Kite Festival in 2010.  Jean makes his mark with colourful stacks, flying dual (or quad) line kites.  Michèle is known for creating and showcasing single line kites and banners.

Michèle Bérubé discovered the artistic side of kites in 1994 and immediately began building her own creations.  She likes to explore shapes and dimensions, mix different materials and techniques, giving her work a personal touch: efficiency in a seeming simplicity.

Many of her kites and banners are grouped in series that demonstrate an interesting unity when flying together: fish and aquatic sceneries, butterflies, birds, snow flakes, masks… Some of them even seem to be telling stories.Michele Berube

Considering the extent of her collection and the variety it offers, she can either decorate the sky or put her creations on display to be seen up close.

Jean Lamoureux got terminally hooked on kite flying in 1993. He’s never slowed down since.

Jean is renowned for flying his very colorful stack. You will see him with his stack of 20 kites and their long tails gracefully evolving in the slightest breeze.

Adding to his solo presentation, Jean is proud to be part of the Windjammers International Kite Team since 2005. Jean’s experience in flying stacks made him a perfect addition to the Team.

Jean’s choice of ballet music is quite special; some of the pieces he flies to are original compositions by his brother. It is the expression of sensitivity put together with kite flying.

Jean Lamoureux

You could also see him doing his very personal stunt. He flies two 9 kite stacks at once. This you have to see for yourself. The effect is simply amazing. . .

When he is not flying, Jean is the voice of many festivals. From Montréal’s ‘Grain de Ciel’ at the Tohu to Dieppe Canada and Dieppe France you can hear his comments add to the show.

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