Windscape Kite Festival

June 24 & 25, 2023 · 10am to 5pm · Swift Current, SK

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Karen and Roger Stevens
Karen and Roger Stevens - Owl Kite
Karen and Roger Stevens MC Escher Kite

Karin and Roger Stevens

Karin and Roger Stevens live in the East of Belgium. They are an enthusiastic couple of kite flyers who have been active with kites for many years. They make all their kites by themselves and have a lot of fun in making and designing them.

Karin has focused on application- kites and combines modern colors and shapes with each other. She is very precise with her work and you can see that on her kites. Roger is fond of MC Escher, a graphic designer from the Netherlands; his works are often to be found in Roger’s kites. They use the so called “Kuna- technique”, layers of fabric sewed together and pull out the right layer with scissors.

In the winter months, new kites are usually built in their specially equipped room in their home, with a nice tune on the radio in the background and a cup of tea, each one is working on their own project.

The making and kite flying is connected with their lives, as a red thread, and therefore some places in the world have allowed them to show their kites, such as in India, England, Malta, Italy, France, The Netherlands , Germany , Portugal, Denmark, Turkey and Belgium.

Karen and Roger think it’s fantastic to play with the wind but also have fun and meet new enthusiastic kite flyers in the world and even learn more about their great hobby!


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