Bud Taylor

Bud Taylor, of Airdrie, Alberta is Canada’s #1 Kite Guy.  He’s also a very familiar face at Windscape, having attended every year since its inception — it’s the best in the West!

Bud was introduced to building and flying kites by his dad, Dusty Taylor, even before he entered elementary school (using newspaper, wooden sticks, binder twine, bed sheets and mom’s old stockings).  As an adult, Bud passed on his passion for kites to his boys and eventually turned it into a business which is still going strong today after 25 years!  Look for Bud zipping around the field in his kite buggy, powered by a large power-foil kite, or spot him flying large spectacular show kites from his vast collection of mega kites… enjoying his perpetual youth at the end of a kite line. Do stop by and say hello.

Bud’s motto is, “Fly a kite, just for the health of it!”  He is happy to answer any questions you might have about kites: old kites, new kites, slow and graceful ones, crazy-fast ones, fair weather kites, snow and ice kites, high tech, low tech … and everything in between.  Poke around his website too:  www.kiteguys.ca  or email him at: kiteguys@shaw.ca

Get inspired and enjoy the wind.  Enjoy Windscape!

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