Team IQUAD: David Hathaway, John Barresi, Steve de Rooy and Todd Rudolph

David Hathaway has been flying kites for close to 12 years now, with 10 of those spent primarily flying Revolution quad line kites. He competes both indoors and outdoors in the Northwest Sport Kite League, taking both the Experienced Multiline Ballet and Precision top honors in 2006, and the AKA championship for EMP, with a 2nd place in EMB. He’s also the cofounder of iQuad with John Barresi. When he’s not out flying a kite, he can be found either working on email systems or playing guitar with one of two bands in and around Vancouver.

One of North America’s most prolific kitefliers, John Barresi performs internationally and promotes kiting through his online magazine Kitelife.

Steve de Rooy has been involved flying in all aspects of kite flying for 23 years, with 12 of those with Revolution quad line kites. He has spent 7 years in the power end of Kite flying, kite buggying, surfing and mountain boarding, both here in Canada, the United States, and extensively in Europe. Steve was and continues to be interested in single line kites, both flying and construction.  Now back in full force flying  revolutions, Steve has joined the Todd Rudolphinternational quad line team, iQuad. Steve has only participated in one competition, and now with the Team iQuad, his enjoyment is to watch new flyers come out and try this wonderful sport.

Todd Rudolph, from Vancouver, WA, has been flying Sport kites for close to 4 years now, with 1 of those spent flying mostly Revolution quad line kites. He competes both indoors and outdoors in the Northwest Sport Kite League, and is a member of iQuad.

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