Dr. Raj Hathiramani

Raj grew up flying kites where kite flying was especially celebrated at Easter. He was exposed to a tradition of kite flying, not only as a recreational activity but as a form of leisure which brought friends and family together. In his adult years, as he had the opportunity to travel to various countries, he longed to have that sense of comradery, not only on the ground, but in the wind where one can join with other kiters to paint an array of colours in the sky.

Raj recalls with deep sentiment when his mother said to him that once her father taught her how to fly single lined kites when she was a child. And then with a smile on her face she said,”Now my son is teaching me how to fly dual-lined kites.”

Perhaps, Raj flies stunt kites today, just to hear the voices of the past whispering to him as his dual-lined strings whistle in the wind.

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