Mike Shaw

Mike has built and flown his hand-crafted kites throughout the United States and Canada for fifteen years, often as an invited guest.  He has traveled to Berck, France as a member of the American team.  He is an eight time award winner in the comprehensive kite building competition held during the American Kitefliers Association Annual Convention.  He has served on the national competition and convention committees.  Mike works in both appliqué and piecework techniques; often placing Southwest Native American art upon historic Asian kite styles.  When attending festivals Mike often actively engages spectators in fun conversation and answers their many questions.  He will often re-bridle and tune a poor-flying kite in the public flying area to the delight of the owner.  Along with attending many festivals as a featured flier, he conducts volunteer kite building workshops and presentations for school and community groups.  While a long-time Colorado resident he was an active member of the Foothills Kite Club and co-chairman of the Arvada Kite Festival.

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