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Orlando (Orly) Ongkingco

Kite making and kite flying are both his passion. As a child, the wind was a mystery to him. Complemented by his consciousness of the environment, he pursued the outdoors to find answers as to how this force of nature can be utilized into a positive activity. This led him to discover kite flying and kite making at an early age.

Fueled by his passion, he wanted to share to the society his knowledge and love for kites. Having a strong vision to spread kite flying to the greater majority of the community, Mr. Ongkingco founded the Kite Association of the Philippines in 1993. With members from all walks of life, the association grew to a recognizable non-profit organization that represented the Philippines in the various kite meetings and festivals worldwide.

His travels around the ASEAN region and other continents have introduced the Philippines to the kite community. This brought about significant contributions of our kite tradition and history to the entirety of kite culture around the world.

Aside from representing his country to kite events, teaching kite workshop to children fulfills him the most as this is the Kite Association’s main advocacy, “a kite for every kid”. He strongly believes this tradition should be passed onto the youth so it may live on to the next generation.

Professionally, he is a qualified medical technologist and has worked as a senior medical representative in a major multinational corporation for several years until his retirement.

Mr. Ongkingco is the President of the Kite Association of the Philippines to date.


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