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RZ Kites

Rolf Zimmermann is a master German kite maker. In 1992, Rolf started flying stunt kites in a rainy holiday in Denmark. At home a few days later, he got some plans and sewed his first stunt kites. These kinds of kites were very noisy, so he began sewing single line kites.

Rolf’s first soft kites where just copies, but with these he learned a lot, which he then applied to his own creations. He created the lobster in 1996 and won the German master championship for the first time.

This kite was followed by a starfish, seahorse, teddy bear, tweedy, snail, owl, hedgehog, dragon and some other things… Because of all the interest from other kite flyers, he started kite making as a side business in the late 90s. For nearly three now it has been his main job. He builds and creates kites and gets invited to festivals all over the world. A few of the most impressive places were festivals in the USA, Kuwait, Moscow, South Africa, India, Australia and now … Canada!

Rolf’s son, Achim Zimmermann, has been around kites since he was 5 years old. At first, he flew the kites his dad made, but in the late 90s, Achim began building his own revolution kits. As a trained metal work, he is able to build his own buggies. He is very enthusiastic in crossing the European beaches in his homemade buggy pulled by a Peter Lynn Arc or Phantom. Over the last few years he has realized a lot of design ideas for revolution kites, and flies very well to music, day, night and also indoor. Achim has become a flyer in his own right and has been invited to many kite festivals.

Mareike Schäfer is a quad-line kite flyer, who is currently training with Achim in team-flying.

Rolf’s partner, Ulrike Zara, started flying just a year and a half ago. She helps Rolf with sewing the smaller kites, and can handle many of Rolf’s larger kites.


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