Simon Crafts

photo,jpgSimon has been flying kites as long as he can remember, spending many, many hours flying kites with the other kids in the neighborhood as a child. As an adult, he discovered“modern” sewn kites while on a beach in Sand Diego and bought a few to play with his (then) young sons. He was re-bitten and has been flying again ever since.

Simon began making kites in 2008 when his wife bought a sewing machine and he was determined to learn to sew and make his own kites, wanting to enjoy designs that he was seeing on-line and in Kiting magazine but unable to find commercially. Basically learning everything he knows by reading and communicating on-line (particularly through the forum on and through the practice of making kites, Simon concentrates his efforts on his own designs and shapes – almost always starting with a “blank” plan and writing one (rather than following one.) His forte is with cellular kites, enjoying the much greater possibilities that 3 dimensions allow.

Simon attended his first AKA Convention in 2011 (Wildwood, NJ) where he participated in his first kite making competition as a Novice, having never been around a competition previously. He left with an un-precedented 8 first place trophies, including the Member’s Choice award and the Grand National Championship for his cellular kite“Extensivity” – which also won the trophies for highest scores in Visual Appeal, Structural Design, and Craftsmanship.

He returned to the AKA Convention in 2012 (Enid, OK) where he again took a handful of first place trophies in kite making, including a back-to-back Grand National Championship with his bi-plane design “Barnstormer.”

Simon can be found on-line, and enjoys making the festival circuit in the Great Lakes/Eastern-Midwest region during the flying season – where he can be found flying, smiling, and making new friends.


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