Windscape Kite Festival

June 24 & 25, 2023 · 10am to 5pm · Swift Current, SK

We are ready to bring the SaskPower Windscape Kite Festival and Long Day's Night Music Festival back in 2023 and look forward to sharing the prairie skies again with all of you June 24 & 25, 2023.

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Stephen Polansky

I bought a Trilby in 1989 followed by a couple of other dual line kites (Team Hawaiian, 6′ Flexifoil).

Got my first Rev 1 in early January of ’91. The same day was out in a snow suit, in a snow storm, trying to lay out 4 lines… been flying them ever since (just not usually in snow storms).

Started stacking Revs in ’98 or ’99.

Sometime early 2001 or 2, we saw a picture of a Rajah Brookes birdwing butterfly and knew it would look amazing on a Rev. However, it wasn’t until 2005 that we started painting ripstop (mostly because my 5 stack of factory Rev 1’s was more patch than original sail and needed to be replaced).

A clip of my first ‘Green birdwing stack’

The next ‘logical’ step was a multi colored ‘birdwing stack’ which we built in mid 2008. With the exception of a recent love affair with some blue and white ghost kites (see video below), I’m a Rev stack addict and expect I will remain so.


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