Windscape Kite Festival

June 22 & 23, 2024 · 10am to 5pm · Swift Current, SK

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Steven Childers

Steven Childers

Steven Childers is a kite builder and flyer with over 25 years of experience. His favorite kite is the American fighter kite and is a member of the NAFKA association. He has competed and flown in many events and enjoys the camaraderie of the WSIKF held each year the third week of August in Long Beach Washington. He truly enjoys the opportunity to teach new flyers about the sport and building kites for his customers. The science of kites are complex but an ongoing passion to pursue. He credits the club for their accomplishments and feedback on his innovative designs over the years. The many years on the field have taught him several life lessons, the most important of these is that flying should be shared with any interested parties especially with a passion for flight.”A kite on the wall is art, a kite in the box is science, a kite on the wind is life.”


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