Susie Jo Skinner

Susie Jo SkinnerSusie Jo has been making miniature kites for over 15 years. She is an American Kitefliers Association Grand Champion Miniature Kite Maker. Additionally she has numerous awards in design, flight and originality categories.

A pioneer in all paper frames, utilizing wrapping paper, as well as ink jet printed tissue paper for custom sails. She enjoys working with exotic hard-to-find materials as well as common materials obtainable anywhere.

She is the founder of, a website dedicated to allowing everyone to discover, make and share miniature kites. Susie Jo has taught miniature kite making workshops, across the US from basic to advanced designs.

Her kiting life is not limited to miniature kites however, she also on occasion flies “normal” sized kites, is a kite buggier, is the Chief Judge for the Bay Area Sport Kite League, and a past AKA President and board member.

Sharing miniature kites with others is her passion.

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