Team Island Quad

Performance quad line kite team based in Victoria on southern Vancouver Island. Island Quad, is a kite team that was first conceived in 2009 and has travelled to events throughout both Canada and the USA.

After some growing pains the group has developed a casual and inclusive approach to their particular style of performing.

Working on a freeform type of format instead of choreographed routines, the Island Quad leader uses commands similar to a caller in traditional square dancing to put a show together.

With music, good winds, and the crowds’ appreciation, Island quad puts their very best effort into surprising and thrilling a crowd.

Flying quad line kites and practicing at Clover Point in Victoria B.C. the team is constantly working on improving their piloting abilities.

The flyers who have come together to showcase Island Quad have different skill levels and experience but all possess a similar passion. The sharing of knowledge, encouraging others to join in and to just have fun with kites is the main motivation.

The chance to make new friends, reconnect with old ones and to see an audience smile is why this is so much fun. Island Quad members look forward to every festival we attend. The team recognizes and appreciates the efforts of those individuals who organize and make these events happen.

Terry WiggillTerry Wiggill
Terry lives in Victoria, British Columbia. He first started flying in 2006 on an old style two lines kite called a “stinger” given to me by a friend who flew kites with his father. Hooked on kite flying immediately Terry became fascinated by the precision and control the local flyers were demonstrating with their strange looking 4 line kites. By early 2007 Terry was flying Revolution’s quad line kites exclusively. In 2009 Terry along with several other “Rev Pilots created ISLAND QUAD. Team flying and all its varied aspects has been Terry’s main focus since that time. As leader of the team, it is Terry’s responsibility to create and call out the moves during a demonstration. “Always a challenge but always way too much fun’.

Mario Di Lucca Mario Di Lucca
Mario, originally from Argentina, lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and has been flying kites longer than he can remember, but seriously for fun since 2003. Mario has competed at the experienced and master levels in individual, pairs and team precision and ballet competition events organized by the Northwest Sport Kite League. He flies outdoors and indoors using a diverse array of single, dual and quad line stunt kites. His latest passion is kite building and he proudly achieved a first place at the apprentice and journeyman handcrafted competition at the Washington State International Kite Festival. Mario’s favorite entertainment is Revolution Kites team flying. He is one of the core member- founders of Team Island Quad, and formed a pair’s team with Terry Wiggill called Quad Amigos. Both teams have performed synchronized choreographic routines at several kite festivals throughout British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Washington, Oregon and New Jersey since 2009.

Mike TracyMike Tracy
Mike is the newest member of Island Quad and resides in Seattle Washington. Flying single line kites for most of his life and started flying quad line kites after seeing iQuad flying at night with lights on their kites at the Washington State International Kite Festival in 2005. Mike has been flying quad line kites since 2006 and was asked to fly with Island Quad in 2011. Mike loves the social aspect of flying kites in a mega-fly
and making life-long friends with the same passion for the sport. At any kite festival (usually early in the morning) when there is very light winds, you can find Mike making giant bubbles and interacting with all the kids (regardless
of age), bringing his ‘bucket of smiles’ filled with bubble solution.

Sari BeckerSari Becker
Sari lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia and when she first saw iQuad and Ray Bethell perform at the PacRim Kite Festival in 2011, she knew immediately that she had to expand her kite collection. Later that year, she bought her first quad line kite at the Lincoln City Fall Festival. After struggling to learn solo for about 4 months, Sari finally met some fellow kite fliers and attended two West Coast Rev Clinics in Long Beach, WA. That is where she first experienced team flying… and her obsession began! Two years and several kites later, Sari now spends all of her spare time flying and schedules most of her vacations around kite festivals throughout BC, Washington & Oregon. On weekends you’ll find her flying with her “kite family” at Garry Point Park in Steveston, but in her opinion, the best place to fly is at Clover Point, with her favorite team captain, Terry Wiggill, at the helm. Sari admires Terry’s creative and unique approach to calling team manoeuvres, and hopes to someday learn to call half as well as he does. You know you’ve found Sari when you spot the “stained glass rainbow” kite in the sky!

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