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Team Island Quad

Team Island Quad

Team Island Quad is a performance quad line kite team based in Victoria, BC, on southern Vancouver Island. The team that was first conceived in 2009 and has travelled to kite festivals throughout British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Washington DC, Saudi Arabia, China and Thailand. The group has developed a casual and inclusive approach to their particular style of performing. Working on a freeform type of format instead of choreographed routines, the team leader puts together a performance using commands like a caller in traditional square dancing. With music, good wind, and the crowds’ enthusiasm, Island Quad always succeeds in thrilling and entertaining festival goers. Flying quad line kites and practicing at Clover Point in Victoria, BC, the team is constantly working on improving their piloting abilities. The flyers possess a passion to share techniques, encouraging others to join in and to just have fun flying kites.  The team skills include quad and dual line kites, indoor flying, night flying with illuminated kites, and kite flying clinics and workshops.

Terry - Team Island Quad

Terry Wiggill

Terry first started flying in 2006 on an old style duali’ called a ‘stinger” given to him by a friend who flew kites with his father. Hooked on kite flying immediately, Terry became fascinated by the precision and control the local flyers were demonstrating with their strange looking quad line kites. Since 2009 Terry’s main focus has been team flying using quad line kites.  As leader of the team, it is Terry’s responsibility to create and call out the moves during a demonstration. “Always a challenge but always way too much fun”. Terry and Mario Di Lucca also formed and fly together in the pairs team, ‘Quad Amigos’.

Mario - Team Island Quad

Mario Di Lucca

Mario was born in Argentina, and he has been flying kites longer than he can remember, but seriously for fun since 2003.  He flies outdoors and indoors using a diverse array of single, dual and quad line stunt kites.  He is also a passionate kite builder, and he has proudly won a variety of awards in the handcrafted kite competitions at the Washington State International Kite Festival.  He is one of the core members of Team Island Quad and formed a pairs team with Terry Wiggill called ‘Quad Amigos’. 

Steve - Team Island Quad

Steve De Rooy

Steve has been involved in all aspects of kite flying for well over thirty years. From the very beginning of this addicting sport, Steve was involved in single line, dual-line and quad-line kites.  He has been building and designing kites since he was a teen. His enjoyment primarily comes from watching new fliers come out and try this wonderful sport. His kind smile, gentle nature, and seemingly endless patience have made him an integral part of the kiting community.  Steve is one of the very few people who can fly TWO quad line kites at the same time. We’ll do the math for you here — that’s TWO quad line kites, FOUR handles and EIGHT lines. Steve does it amazingly as if he’s been doing it his whole life.

Willow - Team Island Quad

Willow Robin

Willow was introduced to the world of Kite flying by Steve de Rooy in 2008 and was mentored by other experienced pilots along the way. Willow grasped that feel of what it really means to ‘Own your Hover’ and went on to become one of the founding members of Team Island Quad soon after.  Always there with a helping hand, Willow’s positive ‘go getter’ attitude, drive and determination garnered her a coveted position on the team.  Her gregarious spirit and huge heart is well known amongst the kite community. She excels at inspiring and helping others who want to learn how to enjoy this wonderful sport. 


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