Windscape Kite Festival

June 24 & 25, 2023 · 10am to 5pm · Swift Current, SK

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TKO Sport Team

The name “TKO Sport Kite Team” derived from the names of the first letters of the three different states, that the team’s original members lived in (Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma), in the United States of America.

The members that will be joining Windscape for 2017 are, Troy Gunn, Shane Snowden, and Jerry Hershey.

Troy Gunn’s kite flying performances include, the flying of Multiple sport kites at one time by himself. This includes flying two sport kites at the same time, or flying a dual line and quad line sport kite at the same time! In between sport kite performances, Troy entertains people by flying many of his large single line kites. When the opportunity is available, Troy also performs indoor sport kite demonstrations, without wind or fans of any kind!

Shane Snowden used to live in Kansas, and a kiter buy the name of Gary Pittman introduced me to stunt kite flying. Gary really helped him learn to fly kites in the beginning, as did another kite flier by the name of David Bui. He has been hooked on kites every since then! > Since 1999, he has been traveling to most all festivals and event demos with th team TKO Sport Team.

Jerry Hershey found his love for kites in 1992, when a friend brought a dual-line stunt kite to an annual 4th of July pool party. On a nearby open field, the men took turns crashing the kite and laughing at each other. He then received a kite for his birthday and after that, nearly every spare moment was spent flying.


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