Vince Herchmer

After watching kite boarders on the Pacific in Los Angles, CA and on the Atlantic in St. Augustine, FL in early 2004, Vince decided he just had to give traction kiting a try.

At the time, Vince and his wife/sometimes assistant Brenda were living in southern Ontario. Unable to locate a kite shop that sold traction kites or any of the name brand kite products, Vince launched to fill that niche. In addition to an online presence, they also offered over the counter sales of Premier, New Tech, Peter Lynn, HQ and Gomberg products from their downtown gift gallery in Welland, ON.

Over just a few short years’s client base has expanded across Canada, the United States, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia. The move to Alberta’s wide open spaces in 2007 has resulted in increased sales of traction products for buggying and kite skiing.

On the kite field Vince prefers large single liners, as once they are launched he is afforded the opportunity to meet and mingle with old and new kite flying friends. Solo flying usually involves the physical workout that only a traction kite can provide, and he can often be found in his neighbourhood park tuning a kite or training a novice traction kiter.

Vince can be contacted through the company website at or directly at

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